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Chapter 50: Rescued, Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations, “Nan Qiao, Nan Qiao, where are you?, “Nan Qiao!”, Hearing the calls for her, she stood up and waved. “I’m here!”, Only then did the group of people run in Nan Qiao’s direction and found her., An Nuo almost fainted from fear when she saw Nan Qiao. At this moment, Nan Qiao’s entire face was covered in blood. If one didn’t know better, they would think that she had been possessed by an evil spirit., “Qiao, how did you become like this?” An Nuo was so frightened that her face turned pale. She thought that Nan Qiao had been injured., “Qiao Qiao, are you hurt? Are you feeling unwell? I have a doctor here.” Murong Chen pushed An Nuo away and rushed forward to grab Nan Qiao’s hands., ….., He looked at Nan Qiao’s entire body nervously and realized that other than the blood on her face, she didn’t seem to be injured anywhere else. Only then did he gradually relax., “Brother, I’m not injured, but he’s injured. He took a lot of blows to save me. Brother, quickly help him take a look.” Nan Qiao stomped her feet anxiously., At this moment, the blood on Huo Yichen’s face was really scary. Murong Chen quickly called the doctor behind him to treat Huo Yichen., “It’s good that you’re not injured.” Murong Chen held Nan Qiao tightly in his arms. He didn’t care that the blood on Nan Qiao’s face would stain his expensive suit., If something happened to his sister like this, how could he face his grandfather in the future?, This time, it was his fault that his sister got into trouble., If he had done a little better, something like this wouldn’t have happened to his sister., “Brother, the kidnappers are in the industrial plant at the back.” Nan Qiao saw that the doctor had already begun to treat Huo Yichen’s injuries and that the blood on his head had quickly stopped. Only then did she hold back her tears., “Alright, leave the rest to me. Go back and rest first. Don’t think too much.”, Nan Qiao opened her mouth but hesitated., In the end, she only replied, “Okay.”, After experiencing such a storm, Nan Qiao was indeed tired. After confirming that Huo Yichen’s life was no longer in danger, Nan Qiao relaxed and fell asleep in the car., After returning, Huo Yichen was sent to the hospital. Although the doctor brought by Murong Chen had stopped Huo Yichen’s bleeding, his condition could only be determined after a checkup at the hospital., The first thing Nan Qiao did after waking up was to look for Huo Yichen,, She ran down from the room barefooted. There was chicken soup in the kitchen for Nan Qiao to nourish her body. Murong Chen seemed to be in the study at this time. He seemed to be dealing with something with someone over the phone., “Miss, why did you come down? Go to bed and rest. The chicken soup will be ready soon and I’ll bring it up to you to try.–, Nan Qiao could already smell the fragrance of the chicken soup. “Uncle, help me pack this soup. I’ll be down soon to get it.”, Nan Qiao quickly rushed back to her room, changed her clothes, and sneaked downstairs., The chef in the kitchen had already packed the chicken soup., “Miss, what ate you going to do?” the chef asked in confusion., “Nothing.” Nan Qiao picked up the chicken soup. “I’ll leave first. Uncle, please tell my brother later not to worry about me.”, Nan Qiao carried the chicken soup and went to the hospital where 1 luo Yichen was staying. After getting the room number from An Nuo, Nan Qiao rushed straight into the ward as soon as she entered the hospital., In the ward, there was no guardian guarding Huo Yichen’s bed and the young man was still unconscious., The young man’s face was pale, his eyebrows were thick, and his eye sockets were deep.Lying on the bed in a hospital gown, his eyes were closed as though he was in a deep sleep., Nan Qiao opened the door, took a stool, and sat in front of Huo Yichen’s bed. Huo Yichen didn’t seem to be sleeping well., The sun shone in through the window and onto Huo Yichen’s face. It must be too bright for him. Nan Qiao quietly walked over and closed the curtains., However, this action woke Huo Yichen up., “You’re awake. I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?” Nan Qiao turned around and saw Huo Yichen looking so she said that apologetically., “Why are you here?” Huo Yichen’s voice was hoarse., It sounded a little sexy. Nan Qiao’s face was slightly red, but now was not the time to think about this., Nan Qiao quickly took out the lunch box she had brought., “I brought you chicken soup. You’ve lost so much blood. You have to nourish yourself well.”, The chicken soup smelled very fragrant and there seemed to be a lot of herbs in it, so there was a faint medicinal aroma., Tin not drinking it.” Huo Yichen looked away., “Just take a sip. Although 1 didn’t make this chicken soup, I’ve been hiding it in my clothes for a long time, afraid that it would get cold.” Nan Qiao’s eyes were filled with hope. She took a spoonful of chicken soup and placed it in front of Huo Yichen’s mouth. He could drink it as long as he opened his mouth., Meeting Nan Qiao’s gaze, f luo Yichen could recall Nan Qiao’s terrified gaze when they were in danger., He finally opened his mouth and took a sip., This mouthful made Nan Qiao’s gloomy face brighten up. She fed Huo Yichen spoonful after spoonful., Huo Yichen didn’t know what was wrong with him. I le just wanted to see Nan Qiao smile., 1 le didn’t want to see her depressed expression., Just like chat, he did not even notice that he had finished the large bowl of chicken soup., That’s good. Drink the chicken soup and replenish the blood loss in your body so that you can quickly recover.” Nan Qiao imitated how he had encouraged her last time and reached out to pat Huo Yichen’s head., For a moment, Huo Yichen’s expression was especially strange. He quickly moved his head away and pulled his hair impatiently., He said fiercely, “You’re not allowed to touch my head.’”, Nan Qiao stuck out her tongue, not afraid of him at all., How could she be afraid of the person who has just saved her life? She could not be more grateful., To Nan Qiao, Huo Yichen was not only her physical salvation, but also her spiritual salvation. Because she had not survived that disaster in her previous life, she had been living in the shadow of that time. But now, she had walked out of the shadow., Nan Qiao felt as if a warm sun was shining on her body. This feeling was very comfortable. It was really good to live under the sun., Huo Yichen lowered his head and drank a few more mouthfuls of soup to comfort himself. He was injured because of her, so it was normal for him to drink some soup to nourish himself., Nan Qiao had been guarding his bed and taking care of him. She actually made him feel a desire to have a home..

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